Multipurpose IoT tracking solutions, with unique security, key distribution and management structure.   That safeguard assets, facilities, people, and working processes.

Cypod Solutions provides customizable multi-functional IoT gateways, devices and sensors, secure end-to-end connectivity, and an IoT Management platform.

Management platform with data visualization and predictive analysis, to secure, control and manage your processes. Unique Key distribution and management, for enhanced security, that lower footprint and capacity workflows
Choose workload and distribution, from central or local network and with ease merge or extend with external solutions.

Complete Solutions, one portal

Asset Tracking Management

Get your assets under control and never lose track of an item with flexible and customizable asset management and tracking software platform combined with various sensors and devices that features multiple connectivity and secure communication.


Cypod™ IoT Management and Tracking Software with its centralized enterprise management and control dashboard put the whole vital information about your assets at your fingertips. It provides real-time tracking and monitoring of assets along with its environmental condition awareness, keeps a record of their movements, and views historical data while improving security measures with geofences in addition to the configurable alarm parameters and notifications for service dispatch, theft, and tampering as well as various reports generation.

Cypod™ IoT Management and Tracking Software also feature an extensive administrative function enabling multilevel access with different administrative privileges such as admin-access management, user/customer access with limited/ restricted rights, group management, permission management, and session management.


Security and Authentication

Device and software based multi-factor-multilevel security of data, data transactions, key distribution, and administration. 


Cypod™ DNA and beginning started with a tamper-proof patented encryption and authentication device that eliminates the risk of cyber security threats by providing a secure environment for storing, exchanging, and securing data.

From our DNA we extended this technology and unique ways of thinking as a core foundation of our IoT solution platform and structure.  By offering multiple levels of authentication, key exchange and distribution, we can offer increased security for any grade encryption and standard customized for your needs and level requirements. 


Cargo Tracking

Obtain accurate and real-time information on your shipment’s status and make decisions that drive revenue with a Cargo Tracking Solution that provides superior security and visibility of your shipments improving the supply chain process and increasing business efficiency.

Cypod™ IoT Cargo tracking solution is a tamper-proof patented device with multiple connectivity options and a customizable tracking platform providing 24/7 real-time location tracking and surveillance that eliminate misdirect, loss, or theft of goods and shipping containers.

It has also an advanced tamper-proof industrial locking mechanism that can be controlled remotely. A superior layer of security where different alarms and notifications are sent to the system administrator. 


Personnel Live Localization

Increase people’s safety and improve rescue operations through personnel live tracking inside the working sites.


Cypod™ Personnel Location Tracking Solution is secure IoT sensors and communication devices for remote real-time monitoring and tracking of the Employees’ Location positioning within indoor and outdoor site areas. It is designed to insure Personnel/ Employee safety in harsh working environments such as construction sites, mines, factories, and tunnels.


The location tag sensors are also equipped with a “panic button” with a “man down” feature. In case of a heart attack, incapacitation, or injury, the affected person can request help immediately by pressing the panic button, sending an alert with their current position to the control room, and speeding up the rescue operation.


The geofencing and decreasing restricted area movements feature allows you to set any number of virtual zones and receive alarms and notifications in case of unauthorized access or zone violations.

Cold Chain Assets



Enhance and validate the safety of food produce and reduce significant economic losses due to spoilage, wastage, and theft with Cypod™ Remote Real-Time Environmental Monitoring and Tracking Solution. 


Ensure proper environmental storing of goods and retain quality and nutritional value, in addition to protecting your assets against theft with Cypod™ Remote Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking Solution. 

Refrigerated Goods



Ensure the safety of patients and validate the efficacy of drugs and comply with regulations from governing authorities along with reducing losses and degradation of pharmaceuticals with Cypod™ Remote Real-Time Environmental Monitoring and Tracking Solution. 



Frozen items

Help maintain the safety of frozen products and minimize revenue losses as well as address potential food safety issues and take fact-based decisions with Cypod™ Remote Real Time Monitoring and Tracking Solution. 


IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity 

In a world of real-time connectivity, Cypod Solutions allows you to always keep all your assets and devices connected and never lose track of any of them providing all vital information that is needed regardless of where they are located around the globe by utilizing and supporting the most common and relevant communication technologies including GSM (2G, 3G)/ 4G LTE/ NB-IoT/ Wi-Fi/ SATCOM/ LoRa/ Sigfox/ Zigbee/ RFID and BLE. 


Service Mapping

Through Cypod’s intelligent technology and service mapping, Cypod is able to optimize the connectivity under all possible conditions either separately or by combining and switching seamlessly between the different communication technologies to obtain the best possible coverage at the lowest possible cost. 


Being an innovative IoT technology company, Cypod solutions are also prepared for 5G communication technology, adding to that our partnerships with global communication companies strengthen our capabilities enabling us to provide advanced and cost-effective solutions. 





Gain better control over the process of raising livestock and growing crops, and make it more predictable along with improving its efficiency and maximizing productivity, while mitigating the risk of losing your yield by real-time monitoring of various environmental conditions such as lighting, temperature, humidity, soil conditions, PH and soil nutrient levels in addition to monitoring and tracking of livestock by gathering real-time information about location, speed, body temperature and stress levels of livestock using Cypod IoT Smart Agri Solutions.


Smart Cities

Ensure efficient usage of garbage bins and maintain a clean city by real-time monitoring of waste levels inside garbage bins and their location. Enhance the waste collection management process and effectively reduce fuel consumption by providing operational analytics and route planning optimization for waste collection trucks with Cypod™ Smart Waste Management and Monitoring Solution. 

  • Eliminate electricity power abuse by automatically
    controlling power (on/off) without guest intervention.

  • Save more than 40% on electricity costs due to controlled and reduced power consumption. 

  • Enable hotel operators to monitor
    usage and predict demand.

  • Enhance crowd management by monitoring guests
    occupation in the different locations inside the hotel.

  • Upgrade guests’ experience by providing unparalleled personalized services.

  • Enable Children to obtain services within the limits set by their parents.

  •  Enhance the safety of Children through a mobile APP. providing geofence registration and real-time alerts.

  •  Help management makes fact-based decisions and optimize food and beverage stocks by providing real contextual information about guests.

  • Real-time monitoring of all bracelets from a centralized enterprise monitoring and management dashboard.

Hotel Power Saving & Hospitality

Cypod Solutions in cooperation with Bosch have developed a hospitality and power saving solution for hotels and resorts, reducing power consumption with more than 40% as well as enhancing the hotel guests’ experience.
The Cypod-Bosch solution addresses the unattended power consumption while guest rooms are vacant, and automizing the guest interface with both rooms and other facilities in the hotel and resort.