Internet of THINGS

Secure IoT Tracking and Connectivity Solutions to Safeguard Assets, Facilities, People, and Working Processes

Cold Chain & Asset Storage

  • Pharma

  • Beverage

  • Food

  • Dairy

  • Floral

“Remote real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and location of cold chain perishables such as frozen foods, vegetables and meats, medicines, vaccines, and dairy products to ensure the proper environmental storing of goods, retain quality and nutritional value, and validate food safety along with minimizing revenue losses and protection against theft”.

Tracking and Monitoring of Assets and Personnel

  • Shipping and Logistics

  • Military applications

  • Manufacturing processes

  • High Value Assets

  • Personnel applications

“Live tracking, environmental monitoring and theft prevention of assets, freight containers, vehicles, personnel and equipment……globally.”

IoT Connectivity Solutions


  • Wifi


  • Lora

  • Sigfox

  • Zigbee

  • RFID

  • BLE

“We utilize all relevant communication protocols, optimizing the connectivity under all possible conditions, either separately or by combining and switching between the most cost-effective technologies.”