CyPod IoT Management Software Platform

Centralized Enterprise Management and Control Platform

Management Administration


Encryption Security

Analytics Reports


Management Administration

Asset management system

Manage and monitor your assets in real-time by connecting one or several Cypod secure IoT gateways and sensors to a secure centralized cloud-based back-end server. All connected devices and sensors can be viewed, monitored, and managed through an intelligent centralized user-friendly dashboard.

Asset Data History

View asset sensor data history in graphs or charts with playback function.

Extensive Administration Dashboard

Providing customizable multi-tenant architecture with different administrative management privileges enabling Admin-access management, user/customer access with limited/ restricted rights, group management, permission management, and session management.

Analytics Reports

Geofencing Tracing

Geofencing Tracing Create geofences of the different forms and shapes, add rules and actions for the geofences via the Triggers function so that you can control your assets for example when they enter/exit a geofence, etc. more

Maps /Asset tracking

View the assets on maps, track in real-time, playback historical movements, etc.

Analytics /Reports

Analyze the data collected for your assets (both in real-time and historical) and make fact-based Decisions.


Encryption Security

Real-Time Alarms

The Alarm system is a powerful rules engine where you set conditions and actions to control your assets. Typical examples of alarms (rules) are temperature breaches, power failures, theft warnings, entry/exit from geofence, etc. These alarm values are adjustable and set through the user interface to be able to customize an event driven IoT system.

Security Features

The solution is built with high security, encryption in multiple / dual channels and structure features for a low data footprint to protect your assets and personnel efficiently.

Key Management / Distributions

The solution is built with a solid key management and distribution structure, for enhanced security capabilities.

Product Description

Cypod IoT Management Software is a centralized asset management system for your connected Cypod devices attached to assets such as vehicles, machines, facilities, persons, etc. It is the operational dashboard used in a control center to monitor, administer and take action on alarms and data presented in real-time. Configured alarms, notifications, messages, and reports can also be scheduled to be sent automatically to the user’s E-mail and/or phone.

The Cypod IoT Management Software platform is a web-based system accessed via a web browser either via a PC or a mobile device. The system is created with a responsive design to adapt to different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or a PC.

Cypod IOT Dashboard is customized to the user’s specific use case. The intention of the Dashboard is to give the user an oversight of different KPIs that is important for the customer’s operation. The different widgets (or blocks of information) can be of different sorts like a map, a diagram, a chart, a KPI card, a list, etc.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet